How to Get a Million Followers on Instagram?

Instagram (IG) is one of the most popular apps for Windows, iOS, and Android devices that lets users to upload and share photos/videos to its community or across various social networks. In order to increase your IG presence, you need to get more fans, but it can be difficult if you don’t know where to start.

Whether you’re working on behalf of your company or growing your personal IG account, it’s important to find out the best tactics that could help you get more fans on your account.

Ways to Get a Million Followers on Instagram

1. Follow Similar Accounts

IG is a huge social community, and you’ll find yourself to buy Instagram followers for cheap if you dedicate your time to participate in this community. It therefore means interacting with other users beyond just uploading your photo’s.

How to Get a Million Followers on Instagram

Try to find people who always post photos that interest you and make sure to follow their accounts as well. This will allow you to see whenever they post pictures on your feed. Only follow those accounts, which you find more interesting.

2. Like and Comment on Photo’s

Once you have a list of some fans, take some time to like and comment positively on what they post. This will make them feel good and may help other users to see your comment or name and probably try to look over your profile.

When commenting on other people’s photo’s try to use some relevant emojis where necessary and write something longer. This will motivate them to take some time to check out your profile as well.

3. Respond to Comments on Your Own Pictures

Engaging with your Instagram followers is very important to building your community and maintaining your followers’ base. Respond to interesting comments and give thanks for a compliment. If your followers ask a relevant question, take your time to respond to it accordingly.

4. Connect Your Facebook Account

Facebook now owns Instagram, and if you don’t connect your account, you’re losing out a huge number of potential followers. Once you connect your Facebook account, all of your posts on IG will be automatically pushed to it, hence giving you more exposure. Through settings menu on IG, it’s easier to connect your account.

5. Take Unique and Interesting Pictures

Taking good pictures is actually one of the best ways to get a million followers on Instagram. This community is usually swamped with all sorts of pictures, so try to post well-shot pictures. Take photos that are relevant to your target audience.

6. Set Your Instagram Account to Public

Setting your account to public is also the best way to get more Instagram devotees. It’s not advisable to buy high quality Instagram followers for a private Instagram account because the amount of followers is always hidden, so always ensure your account is visible to the public.

7. Ask Your Followers Relevant Questions

You can also use photo captions to ask your devotees questions as this will help get your comment section more active, hence attracting more viewers to your photos. Consider having a great call-to-action to drive more community interaction with what you post on your account.

Conclusively, now you know how to get a million followers on Instagram, make sure you always consider these pointers whenever you want to grow your Instagram presence.